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Divorce and Dissolution of a Civil Union

Divorce can leave you with a million questions. Will my children be ok? How do I know this is right for me? Will I receive alimony? Will I pay alimony? Our office is here to help you answer those questions and more. Divorce can mean something different for everyone, but it is an emotional and stressful situation. Let our team of experienced attorneys help take that stress and ensure your interests are protected. Our office is skilled in asset management to ensure you are aware of any future tax consequences. We also work with clients who are business owners and frequently work with specialists who can establish business valuations when helping determine an equitable division of assets. Antiques, collectibles, jewelry, art and other high valued items can create complications that our experienced attorneys can help you navigate.

Child Custody

Child custody and visitation can be the most emotionally charged and complex issues of any divorce, legal separation or paternity proceeding. Protecting both yourself and your children is our goal. Through years of experience, as well as our office's experience as guardian ad litems, we are prepared to help you protect your children's best interests while minimizing the impact of these proceedings on the children, while also ensuring that the proper support is being provided for the children through child support, payment of higher education, payment of healthcare costs, or payment of other child related expenses. Our office can help establish the proper child support amount, and can help you get that child support modified when appropriate.

Prenuptual and Postnuptual Agreements

Contracts that are entered into by a couple before marriage (prenuptial) or after they are married (postnuptial) to establish the division of assets upon a dissolution or death can be beneficial to everyone involved. They can be especially useful if there is a large disparity in income, if there are children from a previous relationship, or if both parties are bringing significant assets into the marriage. They can also be useful if the parties just want to create boundaries and expectations.Our office can help you create an agreement, or review an agreement, and make sure it makes sense to your circumstances.


Adoption can be a stressful and joyful time for a family. Many adoptions are uncontested, however they still can require guidance through the process, even if you are working with an agency. If the adoption is contested, the matter can become stressful, complex and time consuming. Let our office help guide you through this new chapter in your life.

DCFS Investigations and Appeals

When the Department of Children and Family Services gives you a call it can be a terrifying moment. Our office specializes in ensuring you are being treated fairly and respectfully during the investigation process. We help ensure DCFS is following proper procedures when they investigate any wrong doing. At the end of the investigation you can be found "Indicated" or "Not Indicated." Our office can appeal an indication finding.

Orders of Protection

Orders of Protection are a quasi criminal proceeding that gives a protected party protection through the court system and through the police. If you are the victim of domestic violence or have been served with an order of protection, our office can provide you direction on the most appropriate steps to take. Orders of Protection are not just available to partners. They are also available to people who may not think they qualify, like roommates, family members, and other groups. Call our office so we can help you navigate this difficult time.

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