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Contract Negotiations and Drafting

Written contracts bind two parties under a specific set of terms and conditions. When entering into one, it is always best practice to have an attorney review and explain the contract, especially the obligations and responsibilities of each party as well as what happens if there is a breach and one party fails to follow the contract. Our office is experienced in contract work and can help ensure you are protected in your contract.

Breach of Contract Lawsuits

When a contract falls apart sometimes the only option is a lawsuit. If you reach that point, you want an experienced attorney who can deftly maneuver the complex systems in place for contract litigation. Be it arbitration or a full trial our team of experienced litigators will help you get the best possible result for your situation.

Consumer Fraud Protection

The state of Illinois has listed certain practices as "Consumer Fraud." This protects both consumers and businesses from fraud, depiction, or unfair business practices. For example "chain letter" sales techniques and "pyramid" schemes, some "door-todoor" type sales, certain forms of advertising, certain collection practices, and other areas of consumer relations that were formerly rife with the potential for abuse can be covered by this law. The best way to see if you are covered is to give our office a call or send an inquiry below so we can evaluate your case.

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