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Client Wish List

Tell us exactly what you want to get out of your matter.

THE WISH LIST WILL HELP YOU identify your objectives. Rather than moving forward with only a vague idea as to what is important to you, the preparation of the wish list forces you to carefully identify the things that really matter to you.

THE WISH LIST WILL HELP US focus onwhat is important to you in your case.It is much easier to guide you if we have a map. The wish list will make sure that we are on the same page. This is critical, since we may otherwise have a very different set of goals. Kalouris Law Firm will always give you a “no-nonsense” opinion of the reality of your case.

When writing your wish list, don’t become consumed with doubts about what is possible or probable. Just decide what it is that you want. There will be plenty of time later for us to analyze the likelihood of achieving your desired goals.

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